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03 Mar 2020

Award winning hair salon in Malaysia: Hairatelier

Gorgeous and shiny hair always leaves a good impression, which is why it is important to have proper hair care. Good hair care also plays an important role in healthy hair and helps to prevent significant hair loss damage that can occur. The real reason you need to make frequent hairstyles is to maintain healthy hair. Hair salons provide consumers an assortment of advantages. The advantages of frequent appointments to a local beauty salon continue past a simple cut or color, from quality hair care to relaxation.

Hair Atelier
Organized in 1989 by award-winning hairstylist Aaron Yap, Hair Atelier is a full-service hair salon perpetrated to consistently providing outstanding customer fulfillment by offering excellent personalized services, quality products, and friendly surroundings at an affordable cost. Many high-profile clients, actors, corporate administrators, entrepreneur and artists are very much searching for Aaron Yap and his team. They are the appointed stylists for many activities, events and fashion shows in Klan Valley. A little nice comment from a folk makes a wonderful day for us. But when we meet the accurate makeup artist and hairdresser, life becomes more appealing. The hair is the most precious embellishment for both men and women. Barber is also one of the latest men's hair cut trends that will boost your confidence. Hair Atelier is now one of the preeminent names for short and long hairstyles in Malaysia. The award-winning Hair Atelier hair salon has one and the only purpose, it is to accomplish the vision of the consumer that was part of their enthusiasm to assist each and every one of them. Hair Atelier’s organization and Aaron Yap make guaranteed the most important passion of customers. Aaron and his creative and talented team have therefore won so many awards for long and short hair in hairstyles. Hair Atelier has won the PAMM International Cosmetology Award and Best Production Hair Salon Award for using the best hair products and services. For their best services, they won the AVEDA Excellent Services Excellence Award in 2017-2019. Hair Atelier has won awards from three consecutive years for, Best Service Excellence Award - 2017/2018, Best Service Salon Quality Gold Award - 2018/2019 and Best Aveda Colors Award - 2019/2020. 

There are a couple of things you can consider when you're looking for a professional hair salon. After all, you don't just want to trust anyone with your personal style, and you might not be lucky enough to find experts who put your needs first when you hop into the first salon you see. The best and award-winning hair salons will make their services available for all ages, so you can get an excellent haircut, as well as your kids’ can. Everyone can get benefits from a quality hairstyle for men, women, and kids because it will improve self-esteem and keep your locks healthy. To make sure that you get a full experience when you visit the salon, check out the makeup services and see what they are offering. The best
Award winning hair salon  will provide a full application, classes, and airbrush, as well as a few other helpful choices, to make sure you appear your absolute best. 

Our services:
Hairatelier extends a comprehensive variety of hair services at affordable prices, from the men's and women's haircuts and hair color services to cooling treatments and the exclusive event looks. Our qualified stylists will support you in obtaining the hairstyle and services that suit your day and life, whether it's a simplistic trim or a new look. Hair atelier advances high-quality haircuts from highly trained, professional stylists, for both adults and children. You're going to be sure to have an up-to-date, on-trend style that is perfect for you. Haircut, cleanse and finish options include:

For Her- creative stylist, leading creative stylist, director, creative director.
For Him- creative stylist, leading creative stylist, director, creative director.
For kids -with special discounts.

Researches show that regular salon and spa appointments contribute to a better night's sleep. This is due to the long-lasting consequences of relaxation and tension relief and convalescent circulation. People with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint problems benefit from calming therapies such as heat therapy. A hot towel wrap provides overall muscle relaxation and pain relief during a manicure or relaxing foot bath for a pedicure. The art of hair is an industry that is very contentious. It accommodates everybody with complete accomplishment and, when it comes to an award-winning hair salon, they adequately answer every customer query. Oftentimes, a new appearance is the best thing to help the mood. Stylists will help you find your contemporary style fresh or revitalize it. These specialists will equip you with practical advice on the most desirable colors or patterns and may recommend a great idea that you may not have come across on your own.

Hairatelier My Town, Aveda Exclusive Salon, from head to toe relaxation, luxury accommodation in a bustling shopping mall. Aveda hair & scalp care products are completely available from free routines to personal touch from our acknowledged stylist & scalp therapist. To know more information about us please visit our official website. 


02 Feb 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Top Rated Hair Salon

Gorgeous and shiny hair eternally leaves a good impression, which is why it is important to have proper hair care. Good hair care also plays an important role in healthy hair and helps to prevent extensive damage that could contribute to hair loss.Top rated Hair salons offer clients a variety of services. The benefits of frequent visits to a local hair salon extend beyond a simple cut or color, from quality hair care to relaxation.

Why you should visit the top rated hair salon?

Diversity of quality services:

The hair stylists will provide treatments for shapes, color, coloring, scalp among keratin, and other hair care needs. If you visit a hair salon for hair cutting or hair trimming,you can absolutely trust the team and the hairdresser there to do an excellent job.


When you prefer a haircut, the services are implemented by professionals who have trained and studied for years in their profession. Principally hair salons provide their team to maintain their training, so they're up to date on standards of excellence and wellness, cosmetics, accessories, and techniques.

Professional Products:

The top rated hair salons have access to top notch hair and skin products, and several sell their preferred line of specifications for you to use at home.The high caliber products let you maintain your pampering among salon appointments.

Boost your image:

Occasionally, a new look is the only thing to help the mood. Stylists will help you find your contemporary style fresh or revitalize it. These speci alists will provide you with professional guidance on the best shades or styles, and may recommend a fabulous idea that you may not have stumbled upon on your own.

Hair salons present cleaning, conditioning, strengthening, cutting, styling, and hair col oring services for both men and women. Numerous neighborhoods are gradually populated, but there are no businesses implementing the services and items that people want and need, including a hair salon maybe. A considered owner could tempt consumers with easy access, convenient parking, highly qualified workers and affordable prices. An owner in an under served association can get the benefit of the first mover and create a loyal clientele. It may be a challenging task to find the perfect hair salon near me but it is extremely important. It may be a challenging responsibility to find the top rated hair salons near me but it is extremely essential. Gorgeous hair plays an important role in confidence and a bad hairstyle can ruin your day or a couple of months depending on how many hats you own. You may be shocked that a daily salon appointment is a secret when it comes to maintaining your hair in excellent condition. So many people don't know about all of the advantages of regular visits to a hair salon. No wonder frequent salon visits will keep your hair in its healthiest state. We suggest every 4 weeks a trip to the hair salon to ensure that your hair is properly groomed and cared for. Whether it's a thick conditioning regimen or a shampoo and rinse. Allowing experts to systematically see you make sure they keep your locks as fresh as possible. You help to improve healthy hair growth by frequently visiting the hair salon to get your hair trimmed. Let the salon's professionals manage you to an overall hair trim t hat will help keep your ends healthful and help foster hair extension.

Professional Hairdresser is also important

You know you have an experienced hairdresser when they are the most requested in the hair salon. You can eternally say the best because they are capable of multitasking without harming the quality of their job. It guarantees they can make you feel confident and sexy while showing you the best reasonable cut, and engaging in an interesting conversation with you. You really get the most of your money by choosing a top notch hairdresser who can provide you the accurate cut every time, and at the same time make you feel immeasurable about yourself. If your hair is long or short, straight or curly, there is a good chance at some point in your life that you have been to a hairstylist. Hairstylists engage in a diversity of backgrounds, including movies, television and theater salons, spas, fashion shoots, and packaging sets. In most of the top rated hair salons, it is the responsibility of stylists to clean up their workstations and disinfect their tools. They also welcome their clients between appointments, assist with scheduling and process payments. Sometimes it can seem too difficult to find the best hair salon, you have an important date and you are in a rush and the last thing you can be confused to do is worry about which place can give you the most suitable and fashionable hairstyle.


Healthy and proper hair care are one of the most important things. No matter what the background is, people especially women of any age or culture they always want to look wonderful and want to have gorgeous hairstyles. Our objective at Hair Atelier is to make your dream image come true in the most relaxing atmosphere. Hair Atelier is an award winning
top rated hair salons near me in Malaysia. To know more about us please visit our official website.


02 Feb 2020

Secrets About Personal Style Image Consulting You Should Know

Some people fall into one of three categories. The first kind of people knows what a stylist or image consultant wants, but sees them as people who only deal with celebrities. The second kind of people have no concept what a personal style image consulting is or it does not even exist, and the third kind of people has either worked with or consulted a stylist or was a personal style image consult-er. So many people know the importance of personal style image consulting, they take this part as important as having a doctor, an assistant or a personal trainer. So those who have no idea about this, here we will explain the top five secrets about the personal style image consulting. To know more you must read on.

So, first of all, you need to know in detail that what is actually a
personal style image consulting is. Personal Image Consulting is a profession of guiding, mentoring, educating and training people to manage their appearance-clothing, grooming, body language, and etiquette in order to create positive first impressions in order to gain more opportunities in life and to train them in soft skills to perform better when these opportunities arise. So here are the top four secrets all you need to know.

1. Modify yourself as you want to present your new self to the world

 The key to success in personal, professional and social life is to set up a positive picture to create a powerful first impression. Because the first impression is always the last impression. You don't get another chance to make a first impression. Everybody gets just one shot and they've got to make the most of it. When you waste your chance, you're going to have to work very hard to rebuild your reputation for a very long time. The fact is that the image of a person is a combination of a number of factors, just as the interior is a combination of several factors. For example: if you want to decorate your house you will consult with the interior designer because you want the best. So why don’t you go for a personal style image consulting to get the best version of yourself for your big day?   

2. You never need to look at your wardrobe and think, you don't have anything to wear

Although most people may have lots of attire, a sizable voluminous portion of them are archaic, don’t fit felicitously, need to be taken to the dry cleaners, or are items that just don’t go with anything else in our closets. A Stylist should sort your wardrobe and organize it in a meaningful way. They will take responsibility for your wardrobe and also they will decide which type of cloths suits your body type, what color is matching with your personality. You don’t want to regret later after buying the clothes, sometimes when you are not sure what kind of outfit is right for you especially when it’s your big day, your image consultant will fix this problem for you. The client may also be accompanied by an image consultant to purchase clothes.

3. Appropriate body language and manners

Body language is one of the most important factors in visual communication and an image consultant advises the client on appropriate body language based on roles and occasions. Etiquette is a major part of creating an image. Correct etiquette in business and social situations goes a long way to creating a powerful image. The image consultant uses the appropriate label to take the client, whether it's dining, corporate. Knowing how to do these things is a good thing, and it's a great start. There is, however, a little more body language than posture and shaking hands. In order to make a first impression on others, it is not always necessary to strike up a conversation because you will be judged by how you sound, your mood, your speech, and how you act. That's why the way you carry yourself and your body language needs to be paid close attention. You will get these advantages by getting the proper guidance in a professional way by the personal style image consulting.

4. Dressing according to the shape of your body, variations, and colors

There are eight different forms of the body and many variants. Many people don't know about this. An image consultant is trained to recognize the shape of your body and recommend ways and means to combat negative variations and develop positive variations to produce an appealing image. Your body outline in the form of your body. Nevertheless, first recognizing your vital is also important, as much as understanding your body type is important. A personal image consultant will help you to make this easy for you. Then you will shine after wearing the right outfit which will suit your body type.


Hair Atelier is now the hair-style leading name. Jaya One Mall is the latest addition to their salon. Hair Atelier group includes a highly sought-after creative stylist team of Malaysia. Here you will get the best personal style image consulting according to your preferences. To know more about us, please visit our website.


12 Dec 2019


A little lovely comment from a folk makes our day wonderful. But life becomes more amazing when we meet the correct makeup artist and hairdresser. The hair is the most valuable ornament for women as well as men. Barber is also one of the latest trends in men’s hair cut that boosts up your confidence. Now, Hair Atelier is one of the leading names in the hairstyles for short and long hair in Malaysia. An award-winning hairstylist, Aaron Yap, founded a full-service beauty salon - Hair Atelier, in 1989.

Hair Atelier is dedicated to the compatible delivery of
hairstyles for long hair and short hair every customer's satisfaction by out-giving their excellent services and quality products and a pleasant atmosphere at an affordable price. Hair Atelier groups constitute a team of professional hairstyles. They provide services for women, men, and children. We provide different kinds of hair services for our customers which included cleansing, hair cut, hairstyles, hair coloring, permanent curling, straightening, and different kinds of hair and scalp treatment for short, medium, long and extra-long hair. 

We also have hairstylists from different kinds of levels like a creative stylist, leading creative stylists, directors, and creative director. We are using international well-known hair products from the US and Japan which are Shiseido Professional & Aveda plant-based products. With 20k plus satisfied customers over the country, this proof that they’re a trusted professional hairstylist team that you can rely your hair on, and this is also one of their biggest awards. 

The award-winning hair salon Hair Atelier have one and the only purpose, it’s to fulfill customer’s dream which has been part of their passion in serving each and every one of them. Hair Atelier team and Aaron Yap makes customer’s best fetish confidently. Therefore, Aaron and his creative and talented team have received so many awards in hairstyles for long and short hair. Hair Atelier recently won the PAMM international Cosmetology Award and Best Development Hair Salon Award because of using the best hair products. In 2017-2019, they got AVEDA Best Services Excellence Award for their best services. And also they got the HWT Prestigious Service Quality Award for their quality service. In 2011, they got Judge of Cosmobeaute Asia Award. 

In 2009 they are one of the Committee and Treasurer in Malaysia Hairdressing Association (MHA). And also the award winner of Aveda Fashionista Award, Aveda Digital Fashionista Award, Sebastian Xtah Competition, Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovative Award and Female Modelsearch Most Stylish Award. They were also the Finalist in Loreal Color Trophy Award and Sebastian Design Artist Malaysia and Guest stylist for magazines, press conferences, newspapers, online news and conducted hairstyles demonstrations, trend vision creators of Wella & Sebastian. They’re also the Color ambassadors of Aveda brand in 2017-2020. 

In 1996 onwards, they’re literally judged in many Hairstyles competitions and Barber competitions. They were a finalist of the Golden Scissors Award Asia Pacific and they achieve their very first award in 1993, the 1st Golden Scissors Award. An award-winning hair salon Hair Atelier by their outstanding fame has got too many interviews by nationwide newspaper and disclose on TVs such as NTV7 breakfast show and Nona, TV3 and in so many beauty magazines like Marie Claire, Wanita, New Tide, Style, Women’s Weekly, Citta Bella, H4U4ME and many other publications. They are very grateful and gentle by the impact they have to over numerous men women and kids each and every month to a year. 

They hope you all love their salon’s atmosphere and their services and they honor your recompose. You can always attain them by contacting their branches - Amaya Maluri (039288184), Danau Desa (0379833848), PJ Jaya One (0379557848), Sri Petaling (0390553980), MyTOWN (0392029948). You can’t monitor your hair, but your hair was a hoax on your head to always remind you to take care of your hair. You always have to remember one thing that life is not accurate as your expectation but you can make your hairstyles as what you desire. The hair artistry is a very effectual industry. It provides a complete accomplishment to everyone and when it comes to an award-winning hair salon, they solve every problem of their customer successfully. As the hairstyles industry is now developing very successfully, you don’t need to waste your valuable time to think about hair changes and image changes as they will take care of it for you and provide you the best advice. The barber and hairstyles industry now is the most important part of your life and society. They help you to feel excellent about yourself and you can’t set any charges on that.